Paul's parents



Family introduction
My mother was born in England, with both of her parents also born there. They migrated to Australia after the WW2.

My mother had one sibling – a brother, ten years her senior. During WW2 he had served in the British army.

While in Australia on shore leave, he met a lady that he had married when the war ended.

My mother’s parents came to Australia to join him, bringing my mother with them. She was 16.

My father was born in Australia. However, his mother was Welsh and his father a Scot. Stories about his father are hard to extract from my father. Possibly, he doesn’t remember much of him. He died when my father was only 13. Of the few stories he has told is one that relates the day of his father’s death.

His father worked as a transport worker – he was one of the men who loaded and unloaded the trucks. Physical work was all he knew – he probably had little or no education – and he certainly had no interest in doing a desk job. His doctor had told him that he had a heart condition and that he had to get out of hard physical work. Some say he was stubborn. I think he had no choice. On this particular day he and his workmates had finished work and they were all on the back of the truck, travelling back to the depot. He was chatting and joking with the other men as they usually did when he suddenly stopped and fell over. They say he died instantly.

My father had a brother, but he was six years younger. Being the oldest remaining male in the family, my father had to go out and work. He sold newspapers before starting work as an apprentice with a cabinet maker in East Perth. The company remained on that same site right up until this year. The building has been pulled down. I don’t know whether the company has closed, moved or is simply building a bigger premises. The new building on the old site is now occupied by a Christian bookshop.